XOMOX® Jacketed Sleeved Plug Valves

Jacketed Sleeved Plug Valves

2 Partial Jacket Full Jacket 150 300 150 300 1-4 4-12 1-4 4-12 2x1x2 – 6x4x6 6x4x6 – 12x10x12 2x1x2 – 6x4x6 6x4x6 – 12x10x12 Wrench Enclosed Gear Wrench Enclosed Gear Wrench Enclosed Gear Wrench Enclosed Gear 067PJ 067PJ-EG 0367PJ 0367PJ-EG 067FJ 067FJ-EG 0367FJ 0367FJ-EG
3 Partial Jacket 150 300 1-4 4-12 1-4 4-12 Wrench Enclosed Gear Wrench Enclosed Gear 037PJ 037PJ-EG 0337PJ 0337PJ-EG


  • Design more economical, flexible, and compact fluid handling systems.
    Bi-directional flow, simple actuation, lightweight, compact design, and multiport configurations all facilitate improved system design.
  • Superior, longer-lasting in-line sealing.
    The inert PTFE sleeve completely surrounds the plug. The sleeve provides a large, circumferential sealing surface from port to port. Open, closed, or rotating, the seal is assured. No ball or gate valve can match this sealing power.
  • Secure sealing with no cold-flow, deformation, or rotation of the sleeve.
    The sleeve is securely nestled in the valve body. High pressure ribs, top and bottom retention, and 360° port lips all assure sleeve containment.
  • No seizing. No sticking.
    As the plug rotates, the 360° port lips provide a self-cleaning action to remove scaling and adhering media.
  • No cavities. No contamination.
    There are no body cavities where flow media can accumulate and contaminate
    future processing. This cavity-free design also prevents sticking.

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